Balance Express

Balance ExpressThis program is for yogis, healers and health enthusiasts who are interested in learning about Ayurveda and up-leving their daily routine and fine tuning their eating habits.

  • Do you want explore Ayurveda deeper?
  • You are curious about Ayurveda and would like to discover your unique nature (Prakriti) and what your current imbalances are (Vikruti).
  • You are ready and willing to create sustainable daily and seasonal routines that support your whole being.
  • You would like to incorporate Ayurveda’s wisdom into your diet and lifestyle choices.

In these sessions we create simple daily routine and Ayurvedic practices that empower you to balance digestion, optimize sleep, create nourishing routines and take charge of you vibrant living.

  • You will discover your unique constitution, what your current imbalance state, and how to create balance.
  • Create personalized diet and lifestyle practice that support your individual constitution.
  • Learn to transition with the seasons and create nourishing daily routines.

Program includes 3 sessions, personalized materials of support, a 10 day digestive rest and unlimited email support.

Investment $275

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