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12-Week Online Group Coaching Program to Build Habits for Vibrant Living

Next Session Begins September 2019!

Are you ready to transform your whole way of being?

 Are you ready to prioritize your wellness? What if the relationships of your future, including your relationship with your health were the best of your life? Making a decision and step into something new is a courageous investment in yourself and your future.

RYDR is a 12-week interactive group coaching experience that will transform your whole health.

Experience a deep, transformative journey by reconnecting to your natural daily rhythms. Learn nourishing self-care practices, simplify your diet, find an exercise routine you love, all in a trusted circle of like-minded individuals.

What is Rock Your Daily Rhythm?

What you do daily matters more than what you do once in a while. The secret of your vibrant living future lives in optimizing your daily routine.

We are a reflection of our daily habits and choices. The foundation of adopting a healthy lifestyle in Ayurveda is developing a supportive daily routine, known as Dinacharya. The practice of dinacharya is one of Ayurveda’s most powerful tools for improving and maintaining health and wellbeing. What I have discovered over the past 6 years coaching Ayurveda is that clients who invested in optimizing their daily routines experienced profound results and were equipped with the tools to lose weight, reduce stress, and live happier more connected lives.

The other thing I’ve learned is that you will get better results, make changes faster and go further in a group coaching setting. Being a part of a health-conscious community combined with individual coaching is the most effective way to get lasting, real-time results in your health evolution.

By blending Ayurveda wisdom with behavior science this program leads participants on the path to vibrant living by empowering them to make one – small change at a time. The results are profound. This course is a great fit for you if you desire:

  • Consistent energy
  • Better sleep
  • To wake rested, refreshed, clear-headed
  • Rock star digestion and easy elimination
  • Overcome cravings
  • Less stress and better moods
  • Healthy, simple meals
  • Exercise you love and that works for your body
  • Graceful aging
  • More time
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Your Guide to Vibrant Living

Hi, I’m Kate Towell, an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, wellness educator and yoga teacher, and I will be your guide throughout this 3-month course. I teach busy people simple and holistic ways to live vibrant, energetic and joyful lives.

Guided Transformation With Actionable Lessons

We will cover a range of topics within the Ayurvedic wisdom tradition that will help you build and sustain healthy habits for vibrant living. Over the course of 12 weeks, one new habit is introduced each week for us to learn, embody and automate. You will experience:

  • Real-time results
  • Deeper rest
  • More energy
  • Healthier eating habits
  • Better self-care
  • Less stress
  • A robust immune system
  • More positive relationships
  • A clearer direction in your life
  • More confidence in your choices
  • A connected and supportive community
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Each week, we will dive deeply into a different topic:

Week 1: Intention Setting and Getting Clear
Week 2: Optimizing Dinner
Week 3: Sleep Easy
Week 4: Creating A Morning Routine
Week 5: Movement Matters
Week 6: Ayurvedic Nutrition

Week 7: Self-Care Rituals
Week 8: Meditation Basics
Week 9: Healthy Eating Habits
Week 10: Nourish Your Senses
Week 11: Align with Ease
Week 12: Habit Evolution

This Transformative Experience Includes

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will build your foundation to easeful, vibrant living. Together we make small daily changes that are specific and impactful.

Throughout this course, you will receive:

  • Weekly videos and action sheets giving you a step-by-step plan for vibrant living
  • Weekly ZOOM video conferencing to workshop weekly topics, ask questions, troubleshoot obstacles, and share successes
  • Three one-on-one laser-focused, personalized coaching with Kate
  • Accountability partners
  • Private Facebook group
  • Access to bonus videos and resources hub
  • Bonus foundations of Ayurveda video series
  • Kate’s personal commitment to support you in your transformation

All calls of the course will be recorded so if you can’t make it live you can participate later when it works for your schedule. You’ll also receive a resource library you can download to your own files.

Next session begins September 2019


“By working with Kate I was able to set goals and achieve them for the first time in my life. Not only goals that dealt with food, but goals that effected every aspect of my life and my family’s life. Kate helped me look at what I wanted to change, and gave me tools and guidance to make it a reality. She works with you in such a caring and supportive way, the path to change is less scary…because you know you are not alone”

~S.S. Mill Creek, WA

Like Yoga, Ayurveda is an active endeavor. If you are interested in participating in a dynamic coaching group that will elevate your whole health, then let’s connect to explore further and see if it’s the right fit.

Are you Willing to Dive Deeper?

Commit to a year-long journey into living Ayurveda and embodying easeful living

Interested in an even deeper, more transformative experience over the course of a year? The annual pass includes three rounds of RYDR plus a bonus summer session. Each quarter is focused on moving you deeper into automating your habits and into an easeful, more joyful way of living.

Round One

Learn and Practice

Round Two


Round Three


Summer Session


In addition to everything included in the 12-week session, the year-long pass has these additional benefits:

  • Deep dive discovery session with Kate – 45-minute clarity coaching session
  • Summer retreat pass (does not include travel, food and lodging costs)
  • Seasonal guided cleanse
  • Seasonal yoga sequences and breath practices
  • Quarterly half day immersion workshops – these are on relevant topics suited to the groups evolving needs and delivered online, recorded and with a lifetime access.
  • A RYDR self-care starter kit

Your journey to a lifetime of vibrant living starts with one small step.

About your Teacher

Hi, I’m Kate Towell, an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, wellness educator and yoga teacher and I’ll be your guide on this journey into creating whole health. I teach busy people simple and holistic ways to live vibrant, energetic and joyful lives.

Before I discovered Ayurveda, I was overwhelmed by our modern lifestyle—always on the go, stressed-out, over scheduled and never had the time to take care of myself in the ways I wanted to.

Sound familiar?

Like many people I lacked consistent energy, was cranky more often then I liked and felt out of balance. My habits of using caffeine to get me started in the morning, eating on the go and winding down in the evening with alcohol caught up with me. I suffered from migraines, unexplainable body pain and digestive issues.

Then I found Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the science of life and this ancient tradition of healing, offers simple, practical and universal wisdom that is remarkably relevant to our fast-paced modern lifestyles. Ayurveda teaches that when we tune into the rhythm of nature we are able to achieve healing, balance, and vitality, without adding more stress to our already busy lives.

My Background

  • Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor – practicing since 2012
  • Certified Yoga Teacher, 500 hr E-RYT – teaching since 2010
  • Creator of Ayurveda on the Mat – advanced Yoga and Ayurveda trainings since 2013
  • Founder of Satyam Yoga School – leading 200hr YTT since 2015
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