Surrendering to the Unknown

Joseph Campbell quoteSurrendering is a difficult thing for me. Giving up control. Letting go of the expectations surrounding a certain outcome and instead allowing the moment to unfold. I think this is true for many people. It all comes down to fear of the unknown and the misconception that somehow we can control every moment and every outcome in our lives. No wonder we are all stressed out, overwhelmed and out of balance. What a huge burden it is to have to have it all figured out.

What I was reminded of this week is that it is a simple choice to cultivate the ability to trust. If we are authentic in our journey and move from a heart-centered space, everything will not only work out it will be so much better than we could have ever imagined. This is where I am in my practice today. I have stopped asking for signs. Stopped asking the question am I on the right path. Instead I choose to trust, to surrender, to meet myself where I am on the journey in this moment and move forward in joy, with an open heart and with the deep desire to serve.

How are you at surrendering? Can you let go of the plan and discover what is waiting for you?