Friday’s Love


It’s that time again. The end of the work week and time to celebrate the joys of the last seven days. Friday’s love is a space to share three things we are digging that feed our bodies, minds and souls.

1. Sweet Potato Hummus. I came across this recipe are few weeks ago in Whole Living Magazine. Loved it. I find it tastes a little better if you roast the sweet potatoes instead of steaming them, use a little more olive oil to thin it out and serve with beet or parsnip chips. Yum.

2. Elixirs. One of the loves of my week was sharing a joy-filled evening of dancing, delicious food and celebrating in a beautiful community of women. One of the gifts shared was delicious elixir recipe. The how to? Fill a champagne flute with Ginger ale (preferably Reeds Ginger Brew), add a few drops of Ginseng and a few drops of Kava Kava. Enjoy.

3. Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana). How you breath says a lot about your health and your stress levels. With the holiday season in full swing it is easy to feel out of balance. Alternate nostril breathing is all about bringing you back to your center. It is a wonderful technique to help you feel centered, clear, calm and grounded. Click here for the how to.

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