Friday’s Love

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Every Friday we celebrate 3 things from our week that nourished our minds, bodies and souls. This weeks Friday’s Love is full of gratitude for taking time to slow down and simplify.

What’s your Friday’s Love? Here are mine.

Evolving Traditions – Sometimes we continue family traditions without evaluating if they still resonate with our evolving food and lifestyle shifts. Keep the traditions that speak to your soul and replace the ones that don’t with things that bring you joy.

Local Love – As we approach the shopping frenzy of the holidays check out what your local shops have to offer. While spending time with friends in Missoula this past week we spent an afternoon wondering through the local shops. I really enjoyed the unique gift ideas and the personal interaction with shop owners. Shopping local supports your community, reduces environmental impact and cultivates diversity and innovation among the sea of homogenized goods.

Sattva Community Blog – Sattva yoga and the Sattva community is one that celebrates and supports deep personal transformation. Experience a space that shares in the depth of personal transformation, in the joy of living fully and in spreading light. This is a space that shines.