A Better Way To Hydrate

Infusing your water with fruit and herbs is a fun way to keep cool this summer. Sure drinking plenty of water is always a great idea especially in the heat but why not jazz it up with fresh summertime favorites. Plus, infusing your water has health benefits. Yup that’s right. Plain ole water is great for cleansing and detoxifying the body but adding fruit and herbs to your water helps the body absorb it better keeping you well hydrated this summer season.

How to Make Infused Waters

It’s simple:

  • Cut up fruit and pick the herbs of your choice. Place them in a pitcher or large glass container.
  • Fill the pitcher with filtered water.
  • Let it chill in the refrigerator for at least two hours.
  • Ice is optional but not recommended by Ayurveda.
  • Enjoy!

Here are my top 3 fresh fruit and herb-infused water combinations and their health benefits.


  • Cucumber: Helps the body flush out toxins by supporting the liver and kidneys to get rid of ammonia. Keeps the body hydrated and is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B6, C & D and Ca, Mg and Potassium.
  • Basil: In Ayurveda, basil is well-known for its anti-aging properties especially the holy basil variety native to India. Basil is also useful in relieving stress and is anti-bacterial.

Blackberry/Chocolate Mint

  • Blackberries: Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, blackberries are highly nutritious and rich in antioxidants. They are especially high in Vitamin K which is essential for bone health and also have loads of Vitamin C.
  • Mint leaves: Mint is great for digestion. It helps to break down fats, relieves gas and stomach cramping. Also mint is a great detoxifier and anti-fungal.


  • Limes: Are great for women’s health because they are high in Ca and Folate. Lime juice can help prevent the formation of kidney stones and limes may also help to lower cholesterol.

Infuse and Enjoy!

Wishing You Vibrant Living,