Top Benefits of Hiring a Wellness Coach

Most of you know a few years ago I quit my long-time career as a research biologist to pursue my passion for Ayurveda, health and wellness and yoga full time. I have to admit it has been a challenging time in many ways. One of the biggest challenges is explaining what I do. Often when I run into former colleagues or talk to friends and family who know about my career shift they say, “How is that yoga thing going?” or “What is it you do exactly?” I figured it was time to clear up the confusion about what an Ayurveda wellness and holistic health coach does. The bottom line is that I have the amazing privilege of supporting everyday peeps like you on their journey to creating lasting wellness. Whether it is through Ayurveda and holistic health coaching or through teaching yoga, my intention is to connect my students and clients to their deepest sense of joy and wellbeing.

But how do I do that?

Around this time of year, you hear people talking about dieting, taking on new exercise regimes and promising to revolutionize their health in the new year.  Fantastic. I’m all for making a commitment to be the best version of yourself. However, there is a lot of confusing information out there and the truth is most diets don’t work because they don’t take into account your “whole” life – why you crave sugar or salty foods, for example, or what other stressors may be sabotaging your efforts. That’s where I come in. Ayurveda and holistic wellness teachings do not subscribe to one diet. Instead the whole person is considered—mind, body and Spirit—and I create whole-life wellness plans personalized to you!

Most diets don’t include “whole” foods either; instead they suggest or offer packaged and processed meals, bars and shakes filled with sugars, salt and chemicals. Most importantly, diets are difficult to sustain—are you really going to eat packaged food or count calories or points for the rest of your life?

Holistic Health Coaching and Ayurveda are not diets. They seek to discover the root cause of your imbalance and recommend simple diet and lifestyle shifts to restore your whole health. It’s a new way of eating and wellbeing that encompasses your whole life. The key to its success is something “diets” just can’t offer: one-on-one support and guidance.

As an Ayurveda wellness and holistic health coach, I support you to:

  • Understand yourself from a unique and powerful perspective
  • Learn what your triggers are and build support around moving through them with ease
  • Learn things about yourself that you might not realize are contributing to weight gain,  low-energy or sleepless nights
  • Create a simple daily routine so your body can  tune to its natural rhythms
  • Develop a personal plan for achieving your goals and overcoming real obstacles
  • Learn how to eat real foods and cook fast, easy, healthy recipes
  • Detox your body and other areas of your life so you sleep better, feel better, and live better
  • Get support from a coach who understands you, cares about you, and can provide you with customized guidance to help you address your unique challenges and keep you on track
  • Connect to joy on a deep level and learn to manifest your dreams
  • Find daily movement you enjoy and can commit to
  • Create stress management tools and learn relaxation techniques including meditation and personalized yoga.

With Ayurveda and Holistic Health Coaching, there are no points to count, no “re-entry” into the real world, and no packaged, processed foods.  You will be empowered in creating lasting wellness free from diets, deprivation or dogma. It is my privilege to support you with a number of coaching programs and personalized plans. Soon you’ll be in control of your food instead of your food being in control of you, meeting your goals with ease, discovering exercise you love and living the life you dream of.

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I appreciate each of you and it’s my privilege to support you on your journey to vibrant living!