KT’s 7 Day Cleanse Menu

cleanandclear_iconThis is one of my favorite seasons – Cleansing Season! This week I finally had the opportunity to clear my schedule so I could do my seasonal cleanse.  I have tried many types of cleanses over the years and must admit the first time I cleansed I struggled. I had a headache, was foggy mentally and constantly thought about when I could eat real food again and have a cup of coffee. I created this cleanse after many failed attempts at juice fasts, master cleanses and other cleanses using shakes, commercial products or herbs.  Well I’ve come a long way and have embraced Ayurvedic cleansing whole-heartedly.  A great way to experience the Ayurvedic cleansing process is to start with an at-home kitchari cleanse. This type of cleanse will boost your physical vitality and mental creativity. It supports weight loss naturally while increasing your physical energy and mental clarity. One of the most important factors for getting the most out of your cleanse is to create a stress-free rhythm to your week and opportunities for deep relaxation.

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