My Favorite Tips to Beat the Heat with Ayurveda

Whoa its been hot around here! Temperatures in the 90s are too hot for this Pitta-natured girl. I need all the help I can get staying calm, cool and at ease in the summer heat.

Summer is the season of Pitta (fire element) and according to Ayurveda spans from June to September. Pitta is the energy of transformation. It is responsible for a number of functions in our bodies including the metabolism of what we eat, think and feel. In summer, the Pitta qualities in nature and in us increases. Even if Pitta is not your primary dosha, you may experience a Pitta imbalance in the summertime. When pitta is balanced, life is good: you experience unmatched energy and drive, mental clarity, joyfulness, vitality, and strength. When Pitta is out of balance you are irritable, stressed-out, short-tempered, have headaches, diarrhea, rashes, acne, itchy eyes and fatigue.

Check out my favorite Ayurvedic tips for surviving this heat wave and keeping Pitta balanced and remember in Ayurveda opposite qualities create harmony. So if Pitta is hot, and intense – Just like summer – think cool, calm and relaxed when seeking balance.

Tips to Beat the Heat with Ayurveda

Work in the AM, Rest in the PM – Summer is the time for house projects, road tips and long days of outdoor fun and BBQs. By all means enjoy yourself but be careful not to burn yourself out by Fall. Adjusting your daily schedule with the changing season is always a good idea. In the summer tackle your most active tasks in the morning. Eat a light dinner early in the evening and take a short walk after. Then chill out in a hammock or spend time relaxing in your yard or a park, maybe even try some star gazing and moon bathing.

Diversify Your Diet – Think of all the amazing foods that are in season in the summer. Break your routine of the same old veggies, apples and bananas and eat as many different kinds of fruits and veggies are you can. Check out local farmers markets and try new colors, flavors and textures.

Keep Cool Naturally – There are so many great ways to cool off naturally. Sit in the shade of your favorite tree, walk in the moonlight, go for a swim, use rose water spray, drink aloe, and add cooling fruits, veggies and herbs to your water. My favorite combinations are cucumber/basil, watermelon/mint and pineapple/cilantro.

Stay cool and enjoy this amazing season.

Wishing you Vibrant Wellness