3 Powerful Lessons from Ayurveda

Before I discovered Ayurveda, I was easily overwhelmed by our modern lifestyle—always on the go, stressed-out, over scheduled and constantly feeling the need to respond to all my devices. Like many people I lacked consistent energy, was cranky more often then I liked and just felt out of balance. My yoga practice certainly helped me maintain some sense of balance but I craved more. The ancient science of Ayurveda, offers simple, practical and universal wisdom that is remarkably relevant to our fast-paced modern life styles. Ayurveda teaches that when we tune into the rhythm of nature we are able to achieve healing, balance and vitality, without adding more stress to our already busy lives.

When getting to know Ayurveda most folks start by taking a dosha quiz, which is great but it’s important to understand a few simple, broader-scale principles first before focusing on dosha alone. Ayurveda can seem overwhelming at first but I learned that by setting the foundation of my practice with these simple principles adapting dosha-specific diet and lifestyle changes later is easier and more effective. If you are wanting to dive deeper into Ayurveda start with these lessons and contact me if you need more support or have questions.

Lesson 1 – You Are Nature – This is a big one! The foundation of Ayurveda is built on the principle that we are a living breathing reflection of nature and our state of health is a unique reflection of how well we are living in accordance with nature. The best way to begin grooving with nature is to establish good daily and seasonal routines. Here are some simple ways to do just that.

  • Follow the Sun – You are diurnal, which means your body rhythms follow the sun rise and sun set. A simple way to begin to bring Ayurveda into your life is to dial in your sleep habits. I know I talk about sleep a lot but it’s one of the three pillars of health in Ayurveda and oh so important!. Try sleeping from 10 pm – 6 am. For more on sleep click here.
  • Create a Routine – One thing I always tell my clients, especially those who are struggling to make lasting change is think simple and consistent. Creating a simple daily routine is one of the most powerful wellness tools in Ayurveda. Making a few positive health choices every day goes a long way in creating a healthy lifestyle. Read more on daily routine click here. 
  • Honor Seasonal Shifts – I just switched the summer sheets on our bed to the big fuzzy ones I love to use in the winter. As the seasons change think about how you can move in a way that honors that season. Eat the foods and spices that are readily available during each season, honor the natural flow of energy during that season and create your own seasonal rituals.

Lesson 2 – Agni Matters – I probably talk about Agni as much as I talk about the importance of sleep. While it’s common to use the terms Agni and “digestive fire” interchangeably, there are in fact a total of 13 different agnis governing all metabolic functions of the body. Any process involving heat, transformation, or metabolism in the body relates to Agni. Agni exists in every cell of the body. Regulating and nurturing agni will help to improve digestion, boost energy levels and enhance your overall state of well-being. A few simple ways to maintain good Agni are to eat your biggest meal mid-day, avoid late night snacks and overeating and eat mindfully. For more on Agni click here.

Lesson 3 – You Are Unique – Discovering your unique nature is the key to Ayurveda’s wisdom. So often in the west we try diet and lifestyle recommendations that are prescribed to the masses. Ayurveda recognizes you’re a unique combination of physical, mental and emotional qualities and you relate to the world in a specific way. Therefore your formula for health and happiness will be a unique combination diet and lifestyle choices. Understanding what works for you is experimental, and evolving your own health comes from setting the right foundation and having good support.

Wishing You Vibrant Living