Ayurveda Tips for Spring Health

Spring has happily arrived here in Seattle. In spring, nature comes alive and so do we. We begin to feel more energetic, spend more time outdoors, open the windows and shed winter’s heaviness. Spring is a season of new beginnings, renewal and growth.  This is a natural opportunity for a fresh start for our bodies, minds and homes.

Kapha Season

Spring is associated with Kapha dosha, the energy of water and earth elements. Throughout winter these elements build in the body and mind, increasing Kapha dosha. As it starts to warm up, the Kapha that has accumulated in the colder months begins to liquefy and move. This is why we are all more susceptible to mucous-filled colds, watery eyes and allergies during the spring. The accumulation of Kapha during the winter can also leave us feeling heavy and often a little dull. For many people, spring is associated with colds, congestion, hay fever and allergies. Thankfully, Ayurveda can help us to overcome spring’s challenges while promoting optimal health so that we can truly celebrate the gifts this season has to offer.

In order to maintain harmony and balance during this time, Ayurveda suggests adopting a seasonal regime. It’s optimal to shift our habits to include food and lifestyle choices that contain the opposite qualities of the season. Since the spring weather is cooler (warmer than winter but cooler than summer) and wet, we should focus on food and lifestyle choices that are dry, warm, light and active.

8 Ayurveda Tips for Optimal Spring Health

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