Sync with the Season – Ayurveda Tips for Summer

Summer TipsThe Summer solstice is just around the corner and back yard BBQ’s are in full swing. According to Ayurveda we are entering the season of fire and water elements governed by pitta dosha. Like pitta the summer season has the qualities of hot, sharp, expansive and transformative.

Summer is the season of having fun, enjoying the outdoors, taking vacations, tending to the garden and tackling projects around the house. It makes perfect sense because when pitta is in balance, life is good. You have loads of energy and motivation, your mind is sharp and you exude joyfulness, vitality, and strength. When pitta is out of sync due to too much heat you may experience skin rashes, burning eyes, heart burn, headaches, fatigue, digestive stress, frustration, impatience and irritability.

Keep in mind that in Ayurveda balance is achieved by cultivating opposite qualities so to keep pitta dosha in check this summer think calm, cool and relaxed.

Ayurveda Tips for the Summer Season

Check out my Summer tip sheet for my favorite ways to stay cool and calm and to balance pitta during the summer’s heat:

Click here for the tip sheet.

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