The Only New Years Intention You Need

This time of year is a natural time for reflection and intention setting. It’s a time where we are open and willing to make changes and feel the possibilities held in the next 12 months. Sadly only about 10% of people see their intentions realized. Many times that is because we make unrealistic or vague resolutions and commitments that lead to overwhelm and inaction. Instead of setting some huge, unrealistic goal, why not focus on one act that will ultimately empowered you with self-discovery, self-awareness and prepare you to receive all the good coming your way.

For years I would set New Year intentions only to see many of them fail and often the same intention would show up on my list again and again. Sound familiar? I became much more successful at creating and maintaining lasting changes when I learned about Prajnaparadha. The sanskrit word prajna means direct insight into the truth and paradha means opposition. This powerful teaching in Ayurveda says most of our suffering is caused by committing crimes against wisdom – meaning we know better but do it anyway.

Your best insight on how to move forward into the new year is through your past experience. According to Ayurveda our repeated poor choices pile up, lead to cravings and ultimately even worse choices. You are a wise being and no matter whether you desire to lose weight, launch a new career or start a meditation practice ultimately you know the poor choices you have made in the past that prevent you from obtaining your goal. And you also know what choices will support your success!

Take a moment to consider what you know to be best for you. Maybe it’s committing to an earlier bedtime, giving up coffee and sugar, committing to regular exercise or limiting screen time? Whatever it is trust your innate wisdom to guide your choices.

Simply put don’t fall into the trap of not learning from your past experience. By becoming present and listening deeply to a lifetime of wisdom, we begin to shift away from unproductive patterns that keep us from success. In this place we can begin to change and create a foundation for lasting change.

So the only intention you need this year? Avoid crimes against wisdom.

Wishing you Vibrant Living,