3 Ayurvedic Tips for Inner Peace

Anger Management: An Ayurvedic Perspective

I decided to write this blog after I got flipped off three times in the same day. You know I have strong pitta tendencies and sometimes that results in impatience on the road but in these cases I was truly miffed by the gestures directed my way. I felt terrible as a result of being the recipient of multiple road rage outbursts and it got me to thinking I’m probably not alone. I’m sure a lot of you are noticing anger and irritability under the surface—especially after we have experienced this stretch of 90 degree temperatures. I certainly have had my own flare ups of hot emotions but my yoga and meditation practices along with my understanding of the myself and others through Ayurveda have made me a less reactive, more patient and tolerant driver.

Have you lost your temper lately or found yourself experiencing increased irritability and frustration?

Hot emotions are a natural part of our experience and as summer reaches its peak and temperatures rise—pitta energy accumulates in the body and the mind. On a physical level that can result in skin rashes, loose stools, indigestion and inflammation. On an emotional level the hot, sharp qualities of pitta dosha can result in anger, frustration, irritability and impatience. These emotions manifest differently with varying intensity depending on the individual. Regardless of your constitution it is always wise to watch for signs of increased fire element and Pitta aggravation during the summer season. I have found by making a conscious effort to live in harmony with the cycles of nature and adjust my lifestyle, routines, habits and dietary choices to accommodate the changes in season I can avoid suffering and live more in joy, peace, patience, and harmony.

Top 3 Tips for Cooling Hot Emotions

Aloe Juice: During the Summer months, especially during a heat wave I drink aloe juice. I drink 2 – 4oz in the morning. Although its most commonly used to relieve a sunburn, aloe vera’s cooling power also helps to reduce internal inflammation.

Reduce Stress: I get it. We all have busy lives but we also have control over how we schedule our time. Take steps to reduce stress. Resist the urge to over schedule, relax with friends and enjoy the slower paced lazy days of summer.

Practice the Loving Kindness Mediation: Prayer and affirmations are great tools for getting a handle on your hot emotions. Known as the Metta Meditation, the loving kindness meditation is one of my favorite practices, especially when I find myself in times of irritability. According to Ayurveda anger is felt when there is a disconnect between the head and the heart. This meditation uses words and images to evoke a loving kindness and friendliness towards oneself and others. Learn more here. https://jackkornfield.com/meditation-on-lovingkindness/

Remember to be gentle with yourself. When hot emotions arise, pause, breathe and allow the emotion to flow through you. Try these tips and let me know how you feel.

Wishing You Vibrant Living,