My Mid-Life Discovery of Ayurveda

You have all heard from me how Ayurveda changed my life. That’s why I am so passionate about sharing it with the World. Sometimes it is helpful to hear from others about their experience. I am grateful to Hilary for sharing her experience with this community.

This year I turned 45 years old. There’s something about hitting middle age, smack dab middle age, that does something to you. On the one hand, I was feeling the typical discomfort that comes with getting older. Things such as some extra stiffness after “sleeping wrong.” Do you ever hear a kid say they slept wrong? Or feeling a little startled when I caught an unexpected glimpse of my own reflection in my phone camera. Well, hello chins! But on the other hand, at a much deeper level, I was feeling a more profound shift. This wasn’t about appearance, it was about my being. It was if my body was finally done with my mind being the driver. My body was speaking up—and wow, did it have a lot to say!

It was this body mutiny, if you will, that prompted me to reach out to Kate. Prior to this stage in life, whenever I felt uneasy in my own skin the younger me would look for the latest dieting fad, try an intense juice cleanse, or commit to a miserable 30 days of [insert strenuous exercise here]. But this time my body spoke up and said, “We’ve been together for 45 years, and yet you don’t really know me. Please, just slow down, tune in, and let’s get acquainted.” I took the first step and signed up for Kate’s workshop, Getting Started with Ayurveda.

This 4-week series, which was my first formal introduction to Ayurveda, was fascinating. It exposed me to a whole new way of viewing my body and my overall health. It gave me permission to abandon the binary thinking that was so deeply engrained in my relationship with food and my view of weight: good/bad; clean/crappy; healthy/fat—all that had to go. Kate encouraged me and the others to cultivate a more intuitive way of listening and observing our individual bodies. She reminded us that our body’s intelligence is always available to us, we just have to be willing to listen. For the first time, I was finally answering that call and really tuning in to me.

The series left me wanting more. I felt compelled to learn more about Ayurveda and tap into these little shifts I felt happening, so I enlisted in some 1:1 coaching with Kate. We began by focusing on my first seasonal cleanse. Kate was excellent at guiding me through the process, setting expectations, and expanding my a-ha moments. The cleanse was exactly what my body needed. It created a fresh starting place, one of true balance, stability, and energy. It was from this place, and with Kate’s guidance, that I could go deeper with my own discovery. During our work together she helped me learn to trust that inner voice that was fused with wisdom and intuition. The more I listened, the more it revealed. And the more it revealed, the easier it was to listen. For the first time in my 45 years, I felt synchronized.

I am half way through life, but at the very beginning of this Ayurveda path. I feel especially grateful that I connected with Kate and had the opportunity to work with such a gifted teacher. As we transition into Fall, I’m looking forward to my next seasonal cleanse with her. (Details can be found here.) Finding and working with Kate has empowered me to ensure my second half is stronger, healthier, more at peace. I look forward to getting to know me, even more.