5 Habits to Embrace this Spring

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new & trust the magic of beginnings.”

— Eckhart Tolle

Today is first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and if it hasn’t hit you yet, it will soon. I’m talking about that “fresh start” feeling. You know, the one that makes you want to open the windows, clean out your closet and shake off what’s accumulated over the winter months.

The root of Ayurveda’s wisdom is this: to be well, we must align ourselves with nature. I use to blindly follow the same way of eating, the same exercise routine and the same self-care practices all year long. Since adopting Ayurveda’s simple yet powerful strategies for living in harmony with natural cycles, I’m more in-tune with the needs of my body and mind, enjoy more variety in my diet and lifestyle choices and feel more vibrant—all year long.

Spring is a season of beginnings, renewal, and new growth. Seeds are germinating, flowers budding, birds chirping, and leaves unfurling. Any beginning is a time that holds special power to create new habits but Spring is a natural time of the year to shake up your routine and start something new.

That’s why today’s the perfect day to share with you 5 simple Ayurveda-based healthy habits to try this Spring.

Wake up earlier.

Waking up with the sun is a great way to relieve feelings of sluggishness, boost energy and reset the body clock. As we gain more light each day, try to get out of bed by 6am.

Take 10.

Spend 10 minutes first thing in the morning to support yourself before you do anything else, that includes scrolling through your phone. My springtime morning self-care routine includes scraping my tongue,
shaking my body for 1 minute and sipping warm water with lemon

Eat more greens.

It’s time to shift from the heavy comfort foods of winter to the light detoxifying foods of Spring. Load up on spring greens, asparagus, broccoli and cabbage. I know it’s tempting to blend them up in a smoothie but the cold, heavy qualities will only keep you feeling sluggish. During the spring, eat your greens and veggies warm and well spiced.

Move your body.

Spring is the time to shake up your exercise routine. According to Ayurveda, morning is the best time for exercising because it helps wake up your body, breath, digestion, circulation and natural detoxification system. Going for a brisk walk first thing will have lasting positive effects all day long.

Make space.

It’s time to spring clean and declutter. Clean out your office, pantry, closets, car and whatever feels like it’s been collecting too much stuff—that includes your body and mind too. The Ayurveda term for this is sukha, which means, creating ‘good space’. Beyond cleaning your home think about your meal timing and spacing, limit snacking, try a gentle
spring cleanse or do a digital detox.

What on the list stands out to you? Start by choosing one new habit to focus on. Then include only those things that will truly revitalize your body and mind.

Wishing your Vibrant Living,