Hi I’m Kate, and I am so glad you stopped by.

I love to explore. I am a seeker and asker of questions. I live in constant wonder of this amazing gift of life. I feel most at home in nature, on my yoga mat, in my sacred space, and chilling with my husband and pup. I have learned to find joy in the experience of everyday life.

My love of nature and passion for learning about biology, science and how it all works took me on a path to study holistic nutrition, Ayurveda and yoga. It is my pleasure to share the wisdom of these traditions with you and support you on your journey to whole health.

I believe in whole foods. I believe in balancing our bodies need for movement with adequate rest. I believe you can achieve and maintain your optimal weight with ease. I believe you can heal your body. I believe in playing more. I believe in tuning into the rhythm of nature. I believe in gratitude and the simple pleasures in life. I believe you have right to thrive. I believe in you.

Transformation is an active endeavor and the greatest adventure you will have.

I used to think balance was boring—that the middle of the road was dull and if I wasn’t pushing myself physically, professionally and personally that I was not living. I learned that living between extremes is dangerous and that the further you move from your center the more difficult the journey back. I can tell you from experience, when you lose your connection to your core it can be challenging to regain balance. You feel exhausted, like you’re just keeping up and not really living. Even the smallest task, one you once would have plowed through, seems daunting. You don’t laugh like you used to and life becomes dull. At some point, you arrive at a place where you realize you need to shift, to reconnect, to transform.

Kate is a joyous example of a woman being in balance! She embodies and practices the “work” she assigns and even though she is rigorous, she is compassionate. Her constant, loving support helped me in some needed moments. ~S.M., Stanwood, WA

If you desire a more balanced life, have lost your way and are wondering what’s next, then you have arrived at the perfect place. I will guide you in discovering and creating a balanced life, support you to put an end to living between extremes, to reconnect with yourself, and learn to trust your own bodies wisdom. It is not boring. It is magical.

That’s where I come in. I had plenty of support finding my way home and creating a balanced way of living for myself.

I am here to support you. No need to go it alone. I challenge you to look around with new eyes, to explore, to seek and live in wonder. Be willing to shift perspective. Your authentic self is an anchor that will guide you in this beautiful life. Enjoy this journey. Step into it with absolute joy, wonderment, and excitement of what you can create. There are no limits.

How I maintain my whole health:

  • With the support of my family, my friends, my teachers, and my connection to Nature.
  • Having supportive daily rituals including: choosing nourishing foods, daily movement, taking small breaks, moving my body and meditation.
  • Preparing simple nourishing meals that fit my budget and lifestyle.
  • Doing rejuvenating Ayurvedic cleanse a few times a year.
  • Following natural daily and seasonal rhythms.
  • Finding my joy, connecting with my passion and knowing that serving and supporting you on your journey is a gift.

The time is now. This is your moment to shift. I’m here holding space for you.

Big Love,