Ayurveda Wellness Coaching Success Stories

“By working with Kate I was able to set goals and achieve them for the first time in my life. Not only goals that dealt with food, but goals that effected every aspect of my life and my family’s life. Kate helped me look at what I wanted to change, and gave me tools and guidance to make it a reality. She works with you in such a caring and supportive way, the path to change is less scary…because you know you are not alone”

~S.S. Mill Creek, WA

“I came to a point in my life that if I wanted to live out my life healthy and happy, I needed to make a change now. I feared disease – watching family and friends trying to manage all kinds of illnesses. I swore I was never going to carry around a shoebox of medicine like my father did, blindly trusting the medical community to heal him. To make this change, I searched out a health coach and found Kate. In the beginning I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything that brought me happiness again. So not true! Kate really has a gift of working with you to make small changes that make such an impact, you change in a BIG way. And through it all, she is there for you. And the remarkable thing is that once you incorporate those small changes, you feel so much better that you ‘crave’ those things. It feels so good to be in control of my health. It feels so good to clear my life and mind of useless things. Nutrition matters and when you become mindful of what goes in your mouth, you become well. The world tells us so many lies about what is good for us. Kate helps you see through those limitations and find the truth. And from this, comes a healing and better way of life.”

~ M.S. Bothell, WA

“Since I started working with Kate, I’ve lost 20+ pounds, my body inflammation has decreased significantly and even my lymphedema pain has decreased. I recommend this program to everyone struggling with health issues. Everything starts with what you put in your body. By learning what to change, I feel amazing and can’t thank Kate enough showing me the power of Ayurveda and getting in touch with my circadian rhythm”

~C.K. Mill Creek, WA

“I’d always wanted to incorporate Ayurveda to improve my health and approach to eating. Based on my answers, Kate provided a personalized assessment with recommendations which I could slowly apply and use on a daily basis. She is knowledgeable and caring. I continue my Ayurvedic journey with her guidance. Several of my yoga students have found the same positive results. Kate makes the science of Ayurveda accessible.

~ C.B. Bothell, WA

Ayurveda Workshops

“Earlier this year I took Kate’s Ayurveda Workshop at my yoga studio. The 4 week series was both fascinating and fun. Kate is extremely knowledgeable and she has a wonderful teaching style that leaves you begging to hear more. I would highly recommend this workshop to anybody with an interest in holistic living that focuses on all areas of individual health. I will definitely be signing up for the next series.” ~ L.V., Mill Creek, WA

“I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you again for such an informative Ayurveda class! Your passion for speaking about it was truly obvious all afternoon. I look forward to more sessions of Ayurveda classes with you in future.”

~  L.C. Mill Creek, WA

“Great information yesterday. I enjoy your dynamic and visual presentation style. I had forgotten how attached to routine Pitta is. I have out of town guests this week and I am really struggling with my routine being “off.” Thanks to you I have a few more tools to manage myself and to renew my Ayurveda interest. Love what you bring to the mat. Namaste.”

~ J.B. Mill Creek, WA

Happy Yogis

“Yoga has been a much needed journey for me. It has allowed me to bring the mind, the body and the spirit back into balance. I am grateful for Kate Towell’s approach to her classes. She brings a playful spirit and intuitive sequencing that allows our bodies to work through our challenges. Kate’s personality allows us to have fun together in class even when our bodies are encountering resistance. Everyone’s practice is different, but Kate will be there guiding us with her enthusiasm and wisdom. I hope to see you on the mat.”

~ P.O. , Mill Creek, WA

“Kate exudes the qualities I endear in a yoga teacher: presence, a sense of humor, patience, kindness, passion for teaching, creativity, versatility, and a willingness to make mistakes with lots smiles and laughter! Kate’s yoga classes are beautifully planned sequences that build toward a pinnacle pose. She cues for modifications so the poses are accessible to all students irrespective of ability levels. At the end of her classes, I feel light, joyful, calm, and open to receive whatever my day may bring. I am truly grateful to be able to practice with such a dedicated teacher.”

~L.C. Snohomish, WA

“People are so appreciative of our yoga benefit, and it wouldn’t be what it is without Kate. Kate makes it comfortable for people at all levels and brings just the right balance of thoughtfulness, humor, play and an obvious care for her students. Thanks!”

~ Alder Biopharm, Bothell, WA