Yoga Class Playlists

Hi Friends!

Many of you ask for my playlists so I thought I would post a few for you.  I come from the ol’ school mix tape generation so I love to give my playlist funky titles. Enjoy and feel free to share any tunes you love to play while on your mat!


Summer Flow

This Summer Flow playlist was inspired by the incredible yogis in my last teacher training. Their dedication, love of yoga and kindness to each other was truly inspiring. Here are a few of their favorite songs to practice with. Get the entire playlist here.

Mandala Flow

I love flowing in a Mandala, mixing it up, expanding perspective and moving 360 degrees on the mat. I made this playlist for last months full moon eclipse. It has a sweet watery vibe. Click here to hear it.


This is one of my current favorites. Great for an energetic 75 minute flow class. Click this link Flowtastic  and Enjoy!

All Things Flow

A good mix of old favorites with some newer sounds tossed in. This playlist has a more moderate to mellow pace. Well suited for a slower flow class with and a longer cool down. Click here to enjoy the All Things Flow playlist.

70’s Flow

Fun 70’s playlist. Great for a class designed with a challenging peak pose and continual flow.  Click here to enjoy the Mostly 70’s Flow playlist.

Medicine Wheel North

This playlist was inspired by the work I did in the North direction of the Medicine Wheel. It’s great for mediation or for background in quieter practices like yin.  Click here to enjoy the Medicine Wheel playlist.

Kapha Balancing Playlist

Great for Spring flows and the perfect Kapha balancing playlist. Enjoy a fun mix of moderately paced yoga favorites and some fun new stuff.  Click here to enjoy the Kapha Balancing playlist.