Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is about connection; it’s about transformation and, ultimately is a journey of deep discovery into the Self.

Taking applications for 2021

The Satyam Yoga School teacher training program is a holistic approach to elevating your yoga practice and knowledge. The curriculum is carefully designed to guide you on the path of deepening your knowledge, finding your authentic voice and awakening the teacher within. The 2021 training is being offered through Twist Yoga School, located in the Seattle area.

Our 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered program is open to yogis with a dedicated practice and who wishes to deepen their understanding of yoga and who wants to learn the skills to teach safe and inspiring yoga classes with confidence. Your yoga certification will be based in Vinyasa and Hatha styles of yoga; however, we believe in a multi-style approach and include an emphasis on Yin and Restorative yoga and Ayurveda. Through our training your personal practice will deepen and you will be qualified to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level.


Our mission is to create a supportive, inclusive and non-competitive atmosphere in which you can learn, grow and discover your deepest wisdom. The intention of this training is to prepare you for success so that you can confidently lead a meaningful yoga class to all levels of students. Our deepest desire is for you to find your authentic voice on this path and discover the teacher within.

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Discover more about yourself, the many layers of yoga, and the larger yoga community. Immerse yourself in the practice, the philosophy and the deep beauty of yoga. Learn a wholistic approach to yoga that includes understanding the physical and subtle practices, philosophy, as well as a focus on Ayurveda.


Master your craft from anatomy, alignment, student safety and class planning to history, chakras, energy body, the sutras, Ayurveda and more. Learn how to take your passion for yoga and transform it into a joy-filled personal practice and a professional and sustainable career.


Get outside yourself and off your mat. Share yoga through how you move through your day, how you engage with your tribe, how you eat, how you speak, how you live. Show the power of yoga not just in grand experiences or fancy poses, but in simple, small moments of everyday life. Live it.

What are students saying about the program?

“This teacher training went above and beyond. We were very supported in our learning. Kate and Carrie are excellent teachers that really helped take us along the path of the yogi. Every lesson was well thought out and planned to perfection as well as showing a deeper understanding of the materiel that helped the students see what a yoga teacher can be.”
``Satyam Yoga school is a great school..... It was a sheer joy to be involved. I learned life lessons that I am still unpacking in my own life. Yes this is a yoga school but it is so much more. I learned more than knowledge. I learned a lifestyle. I can not thank them enough.``
``Kate is a fantastic teacher. She always showed up prepared, fully present, and gives all of her heart and soul to every single class. The 200 hour teaching training has way exceeded my expectations.``
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Local trainings are held over six intensive weekends plus 10 Tuesday evenings over the six month period at Yoga in the Center in the Seattle area. Three week immersion trainings are held at beautiful locations worldwide.

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What You Receive

  • 200 Hour Yoga Alliance approved and registered teacher training curriculum with the Satyam Yoga School
  • Comprehensive teacher training manual (only distributed at our trainings)
  • Welcome bag full of surprise goodies!
  • Access to a number of experienced and expert instructors
  • Certificate of completion after all training requirements have been met
  • Camaraderie and friendship with like-minded yogis on the path to becoming a teacher

  • Complete roadmap to structuring and teaching Vinyasa, Hatha and other styles of yoga
  • Broad understanding of the anatomy, functionality, and connection between the body and mind, breath and movement, yoga and life
  • Opportunities to teach throughout the training and after

Curriculum Highlights

The 200HR Yoga Teacher Training program meets the requirements of the national Yoga Alliance and provides training in the foundational principles of teaching and living yoga including:

Techniques Training and Practice – 100 Hours

  • Detailed Asana Breakdown – including alignment, modifications,
    contraindications,counter pose, variations and use of props.
  • Teaching Pranayama
  • Understanding and Teaching bandhas
  • Meditation, Mantra, Mudra and Kriyas
    Weekend Asana and Meditation Practices
  • Establishing a home practice

Applied Anatomy and Physiology and the Energy Body – 20 Hours

  • Anatomy of Yoga Asana
  • Benefits & contraindications for all techniques
  • Addressing common injuries
  • Structural alignment and recognize and correct common misalignment
  • The Energy Body – Chakras, Koshas, Nadis, Gunas and the Vayus

Teaching Methodology – 25 Hours

  • Sequencing and Class Planning
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Developing Your Eye
  • Safe and Supportive Assists
  • Cultivating Your Authentic Style
  • Business of Teaching Yoga
  • Taking your Seat as a Teacher

Philosophy, Lifestyle & Special Topics – 30 Hours

  • History and Evolution of the Eight Limbed Path
  • Introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Introduction to the Sacred Texts and Tantra
  • The Science of Ayurveda
  • Teaching Special Populations
  • Yin and Restorative Yoga
  • Yoga Teaching Lifestyle and Ethics

Practicum – 15 Hours

  • Practice teaching exercises individually and in small groups
  • Observing and Giving and receiving feedback
  • Design & teach a full yoga class in your own style

Home Study & Electives – 20 Hours

  • Monthly homework assignments
  • Observe 3 yoga classes
  • Create and teach 3 free classes and summarize your class and experience
  • Complete one seva (volunteer) project and summarize your experience


  • Applicants must have at least  one year consistent yoga practice and a sincere desire to deepen your knowledge, on and off of the mat. We welcome all students that wish to teach in the future, and we also encourage students who may not want to teach but genuinely want to dive deep in practice & study.
  • Establish a home asana and meditation practice
  • Attend all portions of all weekend intensives*
  • Complete 3-5 hours of reading and/or homework per week
  • Procure books for required reading list
  • Completion of required reading assignments and homework turned in on time
  • Pass a final exam

* The 200-hour certification is based on classroom hours with your trainer. For this reason, any hours missed must be made up with our instructors at our private training rate of $55 per hour.

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